World Cultural Heritage -- The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & The Summer Palace

  •         如果您只有一天看北京 ,这是完美的1天游览。 我们的司机和英文导游将从您的酒店接上您,前往行程第一站:颐和园,坐落在城市的西北角落的皇家园林,蕴含着古老中国建筑学和庭院设计。在午餐安排在大成珍珠餐馆,之后您将前往北京的心脏: 紫禁城。 皇家的住所和“办公室”包括980个房间。 除了皇家和它的随员,都不能进入的禁区。 在探索紫禁城以后您将有机会在一家丝绸商店购物。下午前往天坛,皇帝用于祈祷一个好收获和为补偿之前对人民的罪行的神坛。 最后您将在青山居茶馆品茶,休息后返回您下榻的旅馆。
  •         If you only have one day to see the sights of Beijing, this is the perfect one-day tour for you. After being picked up from your hotel, this tour's first stop is the emperors' getaway. The Summer Palace, an enormous complex of buildings in the northwest corner of the city which showcases ancient Chinese architecture and garden design. After lunch at the Da Cheng Pearly Restaurant, you will head to the heart of Beijing: the Forbidden City. The imperial residence and "offices" consist of 980 buildings. The area, walled and moated, was off-limits to all but the royal family and its entourage, but is now one of the city's most popular attractions. After exploring the Forbidden City you will have the chance to shop at a silk shop before heading to the Temple of Heaven, where the emperors, the "envoys of heaven", prayed for a good harvest and for atonement from the people's sins. Finally you will enjoy a tea tasting session at Qing Shan Ju Teahouse before being dropped back off at your hotel.

World Cultural Heritage -- Badaling Great Wall & the Ming Tombs

  •         明十三陵埋葬着中国明朝十六个皇帝中的十三位。您将参观十三陵长陵,是十三陵中的首陵,规模最大,现存建筑最为完整。 八达岭长城,是万里长城最杰出的代表 ,目前向公众开放的部分,已经进行了翻修。在这里长城如巨龙一般在崇山峻岭之间沿山脊蜿蜒曲折,烽火台和敌楼密布。游人可以穿戴登高适用鞋帽,徒步领略长城的雄伟和工程的浩大、艰巨。
  •         The Ming Tombs are the burial site of over a dozen emperors, burial grounds to 13 out of the 16 Ming Emperors. You'll explore the largest of the burial site in this imperial cemetery, the Changling Tomb, which was separated into three impressive courtyards. The Badaling Great Wall, this very popular section, the first part of the Great Wall that was opened to the public, has been extensively restored. It climbs across superb mountain scenery 75km NW of Beijing. The battlements and watchtowers are high and steep in places, and provide wonderful views across the hills. Wear good walking shoes, and protection from the weather.

World Cultural Heritage -- Mutianyu Great Wall

  •         慕田峪提供了另一种与八达岭长城不同的旅游体验,拥有超过2000多年的历史,长城徒步提供融自然风光,历史>军事,锻炼于一体。位于北京东北56英里(90公里>)北京慕田峪长城的墙壁保存完好;墙壁和历史可以追溯到明代。游客开放区超过1英里(2公里)。位置远于八达岭和居庸关路段,慕田峪商业比较少,但受到当地人和外国游客的欢迎。如果你走累了,可以乘坐缆车下山。
  •         Mutianyu offers an alternative Great Wall experience compared to the popular Badaling section. Boasting more than 2,000 years of history, the Great Wall offers natural scenery, military history, and exercise all in one. Over 1 mile (2km) in length and located 56 miles (90km) northeast of Beijing, the Mutianyu section of the wall has captivated visitors with its vistas of the well-preserved wall and history that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Located further away than Badaling and Juyongguan sections. Mutianyu is less commercial in comparison, but also popular with locals and foreigners alike. There is also an option to take a cable car up the wall if your feet get tired.