Life in Beijing -- Houhai, Nanluogu Alley

  •         后海是什刹海的一个组成部分,由前海、后海、西海三块水面组成的什刹海,为了与北海、中海、南海“前三海”区别,被称作“后三海”。后海东起地安门外大街,西至新街口大街,南起平安大街,北至北二环,总面积146.7公顷,其中水域面积34公顷,绿地面积11.5公顷。这是北京城内700年以前元大都时期的古老水域。
  •         Houhai is a lake and its surrounding district in central Beijing, one of the three bodies of water composing the Shichahai. In recent years the area has become known for its nightlife as it is home to many popular restaurants, bars, and cafes. Houhai is situated near Bei Hai (a lake and park), and is surrounded by hutongs, but is not itself a hutong.The area is especially popular with foreign tourists visiting Beijing and is also often visited by the expatriate community and the younger generations of locals.
  •         南锣鼓巷北起鼓楼东大街,南止地安门东大街,全长786米,宽8米。南锣鼓巷在元大都初建时,沿用了“里坊制”建筑思想,其架构以南锣鼓巷为轴线,两侧各对称分布着8条平行胡同,呈“鱼骨状”,又如同一条“蜈蚣”。她是我国唯一完整保存着元代胡同院落肌理、规模最大、品级最高、资源最丰富的棋盘式传统民居区。南锣鼓巷遍布的咖啡馆、艺术商店、酒吧等丰富的展示着北京的都市文化生活。2009年,南锣鼓巷被美国时代周刊推荐为亚洲必去的25处风情体验地之一。
  •         Nanluogu Xiang (South Gong and Drum Lane, Nanluogu Alley) is among one of the oldest hutongs around and has a history of over 800 years. Nanluoguxiang is one of the capital’s oldest hutong areas and has been one of Beijing’s 25 cultural and historical protection areas since 1990. This  800-meter long North-South alleyway is filled with bars, cafes, restaurants, artsy little shops, souvenir shops and cute boutiques. It‘s worth to spend half day walking through the little alley ways and hutongs around it.