Experience the Culture -- Prince Kung’s Mansion & Hutong Tour

  • 胡同游 Hutong Tour        乘坐人力三轮车游览隐藏在北京都市里的胡同,感受城市生活的记忆,已成为众多游人必不可少的难忘体验。 Sitting on the pedicabs which move slowly and smoothly in Hutong around the old city, passengers could enjoy the scenery relaxedly.
  • 恭王府 Prince Kung’s Mansion         恭王府,这座历史上曾显赫一时的王府,历经了大清王朝乾隆、嘉庆、道光、咸丰、同治、光绪、宣统凡七代皇帝的统治,如一面镜子,见证了清王朝由鼎盛而衰亡的历史进程,承载了极其丰富的历史文化信息。“月牙河绕宅如龙蟠,西山远望如虎踞”、这是史书上对恭王府的描述。 Prince Kung’s Mansion is situated on a quiet and green street on the southwest corner of beautiful Shechahai in Beijing. It is presently the largest and best-preserved imperial residence in China. Prince Kung’s Mansion consists of two parts: the residence and the gardens, with an area of 61120 square meters of 330m from north to south and 180m from east to west. Of them, the residence occupies an area of 32260 square meters while the gardens occupy an area of 28860 square meters. Prince Kung’s Mansion is divided into the left, central and right parts. Each part consists of several rows of siheyuan or "four-sided enclosed courtyards arranged in strict accordance with the north-south axes.