Art of City -- 798 Art Zone

  •         北京798艺术区所在的地方,是前民主德国援助建设的“北京华北无线电联合器材厂”,即718联合厂。因为园区有序的规划、便利的交通、风格独特的包豪斯建筑等多方面的优势,吸引了众多艺术机构及艺术家前来租用闲置厂房并进行改造,逐渐形成了集画廊、艺术工作室、文化公司、时尚店铺,于一体的多元文化空间。由于艺术机构及艺术家最早进驻的区域位于原798厂所在地,因此这里被命名为北京798艺术区。
  •         The area occupied by Beijing 798 Art Zone was once the place for Beijing North China wireless joint equipment factory (namely, 718 Joint Factory). Attracted by ordered designing, convenient traffic, unique style of Bauhaus architecture, many art organizations and artists came to rent the vacant plants and transformed them, gradually formed a district gathered galleries, art studios, cultural companies, fashion shops etc. As the earliest area where the art organizations and artists moved in located in the original area of 798 factory, this place was named as Beijing 798 Art Zone.

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